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  • Green Vacations is a completely leisure travel website presenting information at no charge
  • The kilometres information provided in the website are gathered thro’ various interests & initiatives like research on short destinations from Hyderabad, and also the gathered information from people who travelled to some listed places in Green Vacations
  • Distance in kilometres might vary from different departure points to the listed vacation places
  • Distance in kilometres might vary to desired arrival points due to road diversions for road maintainence activities
  • Green Vacations advises the listed vacations only for matured Adults and NOT for minors
  • If this website browsed by children, browsing should be supervised or guided by Parents or Adults
  • Green Vacations strictly advises vacationers to start their pleasure journey only with valid proper related documents like valid driving license, vehicle documents, other travel related gadgets & equipments like Helmets, GPS (optional)
  • Green Vacations does NOT hold any responsibility for variations in kilometers from departure and arrival points and not responsible for any outward incidents
  • Please do not drive under the influence of alcohol, we strictly discourage it
  • Finally, have safe and great memorable Green Vacation with your dear ones